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Global Luxury Hotels Accepting Crypto

More and more top luxury hotels now accept cryptos for rooms and hotel services. Other travel-related sites were already accepting cryptocurrencies before luxury hotels jumped on the bandwagon. The primary reason that travelers use cryptos is because of the favorable conversion rates that save hundreds of dollars over using credit cards. The cards are just as convenient to use because they’re totally digital-based.

Five of the Top Luxury Hotels that accept Cryptos

Among the benefits, using cryptos tends to be less expensive than other methods of payment. Five of the top luxury hotels that accept cryptos include the following properties.

1. Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

The Chedi Andermatt of Switzerland recently added bitcoin to its payment methods, and the news made headlines across Europe. Plenty of luxury hotels take bitcoin, and frequent travelers can now pay for a luxury vacation from their investment accounts. The Chedi Andermatt functions as a five-star hotel situated among the grandeur of the Swiss Alps. The hotel is perfect for a romantic tête-à-tête or skiing vacation. Travelers get a choice of 123 stylish, comfortable rooms with every imaginable convenience and five restaurant dining options.

2. Sri Panwa Phuket

The Sri Panwa luxury resort of Phuket accepts various types of cryptos including bitcoin, ethereum, USDT and USDC. The resort and private residences accept these currencies, and other properties include the Baba Beach Club of Hua Hinand the Baba Beach Club of Natai. The benefits of this luxury accommodation include daily beach activity, kayaking, bicycling and tennis. All guests receive a welcome fruit basket and complimentary drink on arrival.

3. Sandman Hotels of Canada and the U.K.

Sandman Hotels offer 4-star luxury accommodations with locations in Canada and the United Kingdom -- a total of 48 hotels. All accept bitcoin, which gives you a great opportunity for taking a break from business. The properties are world-renowned for popular locations and incredible interior designs. In London, travelers can choose to stay at another company property -- the world-famous Gatwick Hotel. The Sandman Hotels also make great business destinations with all the facilities and technologies for business travelers.

4. Casual Hoteles of Spain and Portugal

Casual Hoteles began accepting bitcoin back in 2019 at their Malaga Hotel. The chain now accepts crypto payments at all their luxury hotels throughout Portugal and Spain.These hotels specialize in technology-minded guests who also want luxury in a no-nonsense way. The properties don't have the glitz and glamor or some luxury hotels, but each guest gets a taste of luxury and a superior range of amenities. The hotel’s rooms have a minimalist design suitable for long-term stays.

5. Pavilions Hotels & Resort

The Pavilions Hotels and Resorts across Asia and Europe that now accept cryptocurrencies. These luxury accommodations provide a haven for exploring your passions in some of the world’s most exciting cultures. Discover a sense of adventure while exploring extraordinary attractions, world-famous landmarks and signature events like Chinese New Year’s Celebrations. Many of the resorts offer investment opportunities, which you can pay with cryptos.

Global Travel with Utmost Convenience

Bitcoin ranks as the most popular digital currency. The innovative payment method uses decentralized currency for efficiency, transparency and security. Review crypto markets and prices for the latest real-time conversion quotes.

June 30, 2022, 5:34 a.m.