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Discover accommodation locations for influencers

In a world of influencers one thing is constant, there is lots of traveling involved. Influencers and their teams use different type of accommodation to promote themselves trough social channels, blogs or influencer app

Most of the top influencers usually choose top destinations to drive more interest to their social channels but those locations can be overcrowded and you may not get full investment back by visiting those locations which can be also very expensive, depending on your budget and possibilities. Locations like Dubai, exotic islands, London, New York and similar are all thoroughly explored by top influencers and those less successful called micro influencers and your marketing strategy may not work as you think. Having unique accommodation for your shots and videos is your main strength point in today’s world of influencing.

Depending on your current fan base, you may want to try different traveling destinations to establish yourself and to improve your self promotion business and personal branding even further, to the point where you get viral. Going to mountains, rivers, jungles and similar and taking your shots and videos there may be a winning situation for you, specifically if you prepare it nicely with nice surrounding areas and great light ambient. Always remembers it’s all about the moment you need to capture to impress and satisfy all of your fans. As we said previously, most popular travel accommodations are heavily explored by top influencers but luckily for you, world is such a big place and there is always unique and incredible travel places to explore and to improve your influencer career. From ultra hot places like Dubai, Seychelles or any other exotic location to ultra cold places like Alps, there are many locations to explore, feel, take a picture and videos and inform your fanbase about it. Of course, we cannot forget ultra popular metropolis locations which never gets old like New York, LA, London, Paris and many more other metropolis areas.

No matter which accommodation you choose, you have to make sure that location is interesting and not explored thoroughly by previous influencers or otherwise you may appear like a copy-cat and possibly lose some exposure. Before you choose traveling destinations make sure you do a research about it on social media networks like netlife.fun, instagram and similar and to make it unique as possible because only uniqueness can guide you trough the world of influencers and give you opportunity to shine on social media networks. Beside great images and video content you need to take care of content itself and additional data like tags. Tags on social media sites can have great impact since most of users like to explore those social networks trough tags and links. Self promotion and personal branding in today’s world can be challenging but luckily with social media networks like netlife, instagram and facebook it becomes much easier and gives same opportunity to anyone who wants to try it out.

Top influencers in industry usually take top travels, have top accommodations and in many cases have own private plane. For micro influencers situation is different, micro influencers don’t have that power to travel everywhere since it can be quite expensive for them. Micro and beginner influencers usually choose cheaper destinations where they can explore thoroughly and bring some value to their fanbase. Bridge gap between micro and top influencers is huge and becoming top influencer is always challenging no matter on your qualities or quality of your self promotion channels. Because of that it’s recommended to stay focused, to always look on what’s currently in trend and to not make duplicate social medias. Influencer advertising and getting revenue trough influencer advertising is usually long term commitment and requires lots of work, patience and love. Many social media channels can quickly increase your visibility on social media platforms like netlife, twitter, facebook or any other that you use, like a personal influencer blog or similar but definitely requires patience and hard work. In a modern enterprise time nothing is guaranteed and you have to be ready for ups and downs which every self promotion person will go trough in some point of their career so make sure to stay focused and to the point. One of the most common mistakes micro influencers make is copying ultra popular influencers which usually do not bring any value to your self growth, self promotion and personal branding. Uniqueness and great visual appeal is what makes you successful influencer.

June 2, 2021, 2:39 p.m.